Full Name
Evett Baranov
Job Title
Global Digital ABM Manager, EMEA and APJ
Evett's tenure at Workday has been marked by her unwavering commitment to Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Having joined the organization nearly half a decade ago, she played a pivotal role in establishing the foundation of the ABM program across the EMEA region. Over a span of three years, she assumed leadership of the ABM efforts for the UK and Ireland, effectively steering the strategy and execution.

In more recent times, Evett has taken on a critical responsibility in spearheading Workday's global Account Based Experience initiative. In this influential capacity, she adeptly orchestrates a digital expedition, leveraging sophisticated intent data analytics to pinpoint the top 15% of high-potential accounts within Workday's expansive portfolio. This strategic approach optimizes sales prospects and enhances revenue generation.

Drawing from her rich and varied background, which encompasses roles at esteemed companies such as Hootsuite and IBM, Evett's professional expertise continues to evolve and expand. With roots in Sydney, Australia, her professional journey traverses diverse disciplines within the realms of marketing and communications, culminating in a well-rounded and comprehensive perspective.
Evett Baranov