Full Name
Rhiannon Blackwell
Job Title
Account-Based Marketing Leader, Global Marketing Organisation
Rhiannon leads PwC's global ABM programme. She joined just over a year ago to build the team and capability from scratch and, after a successful first year, is now looking at how to scale the programme to drive growth across more of PwC's top tier accounts.

She previously spent six years at Accenture, where she started as an ABM practitioner, managing strategic ABM programmes for UK FS clients before leading the UK team. After transforming the UK approach to ABM, she later built the business case to expand the capability across Europe. Prior to account-based marketing, Rhiannon spent a number of years at Zurich, building up a broad marketing skill set in roles ranging from brand and advertising, sponsorship, and digital experience design.

Rhiannon is a real ABM enthusiast and regularly mentors account-based marketers in professional services and technology companies. She recently received a commendation in the B2B Marketing "Trendsetters and Trailblazers in Professional Services" report. She has spoken at a number of events about her experience in building out successful ABM programmes and, more recently, her views on how generative AI is set to revolutionise the discipline.

In her session, Rhiannon will draw on her 7 years’ experience designing successful ABM strategies, including how she has built a programme to strengthen relationships and drive growth in PwC’s top global accounts.
Rhiannon Blackwell