ABM unlaced: Getting your GTM into the red zone
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 2:20 PM - 2:50 PM
Julie Wisdom Phoebe Jackson


This session delves into the ubiquitous, yet often misfiring, world of ABM. With original research by MOI Global serving as a foundation (and American football as its playing field) we’ll show you how to tackle the diverse key challenges from around the globe as ABM matures, as we shift to a customer-obsessed growth model, and as we realise that our customers and prospects actually want to be on our side, in our stadium — as long as we deliver.

Getting dirty in your data at kick-off, orchestrating business functions throughout the customer lifecycle, to get you repeatedly into the red zone and act on the opportunities we are all here for – the sales-ready accounts to be converted. And for the final yards, we’ll show you specific client examples of finding creative routes using data to get you and your teams into the end zone.

Come play with us for 30 minutes and walk away with the start of your playbook for 2024. The future of global marketing is much bigger than marketing.

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AI & innovation
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