Ignore AI at your peril: Why now is the time to take AI seriously in your ABM strategy
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 9:15 AM - 9:50 AM
Bev Burgess Jaspreet Bindra


AI wasn’t invented in 2023, but it has certainly been the year that the world has awakened to its potential. While the seasoned marketer may be wary of the latest hyped-up technology, the sheer opportunity around AI is impossible to ignore. For years, ABMers have faced the same challenges: selecting the right accounts; working in alignment with sales; scaling ABM strategies that reach all key accounts… we all know the story. 

The reason that these challenges are just as pertinent in 2023 as they’ve ever been, is not that marketers aren’t paying attention to the literature. The problem is that delivering ABM effectively is a complicated and resource heavy strategy. With AI, however, ABMers now have the technology they need to finally overcome these challenges and achieve the ABM promised land they first set out to reach. Is anyone forcing you to embrace AI? No, but you can be sure your competitors will be embracing it. Ignore AI today and you’ll probably be OK. But what happens in two years’ time when your competitors are up to speed, and you’re stuck in the past?

In this session, Jaspreet Bindra, the Tech Whisperer, and Bev Burgess, the B2B marketing pioneer who first codified ABM in 2003, will team up to show you how to use AI to revolutionise your ABM and keep ahead of the game. In this session, they’ll explain:
•    The fundamentals of AI and how it can be used ethically in marketing.
•    The benefits of AI for ABMers, from selecting accounts through to personalising engagement – at scale.
•    How to start building AI into your ABM strategy going forwards, keeping you on the cutting edge of marketing.

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